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To become the leading company in the industry by combining technology and creativity to develop high quality games that will be played for years.

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Transparency, Respect and Teamwork are the values which Turbo Ventura puts into action every single day

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Timing is key. Make sure your game is in Alpha/Pre-release stage. The project might also be considered if it has been discreetly released in smaller markets


Innovation is the foundation of success. Your game should offer unique gameplay, tied to a combination of proven free-to-play practices.


Great teams build great games. Talent, passion and discipline are the qualities that deliver the best results.


Our key publishing platforms are iOS and Google Play. We prefer projects that have been designed and developed specifically for mobile.


Eye-catching and engaging graphics increase gameplay. It offers you and your users great experiences.


Be prepared for launch. We review all submitted titles, but only games in the final stages of development will be considered for publishing.


Er Meydanı

EFE is a free-to-play card-based real-time action fighting game, built in AAA graphics quality on the mobile platform. The game uniquely combines the mechanics of fighting RPG and card-games, creating an unprecedented game dynamic. Main features – Real time PvP Battles – Journey Through Six Different Realms in Story Mode – Equip from over 200 Unique Armours and Weapons – Bulid a Deck


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We're powering global versions and updates with data-driven analytics, localization expertise, premium promotional assets, and precision SMM. The level of quality and innovation nurtured in our products results in regular features in large application stores.

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